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Adventure companies for singles -

No need to spend hundreds when so much singles fun is free (or inexpensive)!

by Janet L. Jacobsen
Single Scene Newspaper Scottsdale AZ March 1996

copyright 1996 by Single Scene Newspaper


You've seen the advertising lately, or you've heard the radio ads, for companies that are "Not Dating Services!" that get singles together for activities and "adventures." And it does sound tempting, having someone organize your social calendar for you with a whirlwind of exciting events.

I confess I haven't called any of these companies myself. But I've talked to singles who have. What they tell me is that membership fees range from $50 to $1000 (yes, one thousand) dollars and that the trips and events are charged at or near full price.

(I also hear that with some companies the high pressure sales tactics are very much like some dating services, but we'll save that story for another time.)

Of course, if you've got the thousand dollars to spend in exchange for someone planning your calendar for you, fine. But you can have as much - and probably a lot more - fun and meet more people for a lot less money simply by turning to the more than 200 events on this month's calendar in our center section, and to the organizations directory on page 14.

The directory includes groups that are either all singles, or made up primarily of singles. Even if each group's annual dues were $25 (and most are less than that), for your $1000 you could join 40 singles groups! Now that's a lot of people.

But one of the wonderful things about the Phoenix area singles groups is that you can attend nearly every activity without having to join. Events on our Single Scene calendar are strictly singles events, and open to all singles.

A quick look through the February calendar and directory shows me plenty of opportunity for singles golf and tennis, that you could get into ballroom dancing and square dancing, you could find folks to play bridge and pinochle, you could attend happy hours, parties and dances, and you could go to lots of discussions, classes and lectures.

For more specialized events, you could get together with other singles for a night at the movies or the symphony's Peoples Pop Concert. You could try out new restaurants, or go camping, or get into sailing. You could take a fishing trip, or a two-day jaunt to Laughlin. You could even go on a hayride.

And all these are without ever having to join any group!

Often singles who've never looked seriously into the local singles groups don't realize that there are many other singles events in the area that are not listed on our directory. Groups that plan special events often find that they are more than able to fill the space without advertising outside the group, so such activities don't get the publicity, but are still there for anyone willing to spend a little time investigating the local groups and getting on their mailing lists.

For instance, one local singles group will take a five-day tour of the Four-Corners canyonlands and Indian reservations this spring, with all transportation and accommodations and admissions, plus several meals, for about $350. (Sorry, sold out.)

Another group is off to tour Nashville for four days with accommodations, admissions, and even air fare included for $586.

The abundance of local outdoor groups (many of them all or mostly singles) create a huge variety of outdoor adventures for members and friends at extremely reasonable prices. Here's just a smidgen of events from one group's recent calendar: 3 1/2 hour train ride out of Benson, snowshoe hike, backpack to Reavis Ranch, horseback riding, volleyball, and numerous day hikes.

So if you need to pay someone hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get you out of the house, well, fine. But $9.50 for a Single Scene subscription will get you information every month on way more things to do at a far lower cost and introduce you to lots more people.

And all you have to do is get up off the coach and go.

(If you still feel compelled to spend hundreds of dollars, ok, send it to us out of gratitude, if it'll make you feel better.)