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A new self help group for people with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 that are working to overcome their disease, not just control it, is being formed in Tempe. To be called the Farewell Diabetes Self Help Group, the plan is to meet Thursday evenings weekly in central Tempe to provide support and encouragement with sharing "what seems to be working" in their fight to overcome their "incurable" disease.
Call Harlan Jacobsen: 480 945-6746 or 480-045-6746

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Starting Over Again

A series of articles on Divorce Recovery

copyright 1997 by Harlan Jacobsen


soa #1 Divorce: an end, but also a beginning
soa #2 Have a funeral for your marriage
soa #3 Whatever happened to your marriage?
soa #4 deal now with adjusting to single life
soa #5 Becoming single can be hazardous
soa #6 How much stress are you under?
soa #7 Time to get a grip on your thinking
soa #8 How to prepare your life for change
soa #9 Change life for the better in 2 weeks!
soa #10 the human spirit is indomitable
soa #11 You need a "security blanket" friend
soa #12 Are the records in your head ruining your day?
soa #13 readjust your computer
soa #14 It's your play, don't keep repeating Act 1!
soa #15 Stop Postponing your happiness
soa #16 Your past is gone - let it go
soa #17 don't water the weeds of your past
soa #18 how happy can you decide to be?
soa #19 learn the secret formula for being happy
soa #20 Taking control of your happiness
soa #21 Divide your problems into 2 piles...
soa #22 Everyone wants to know...
soa #23 loss of friends the greatest disappointment
soa #24 a vacuum in the friends department
soa #25 warm fuzzy story
soa #26 friends now - dating later
soa #27 keep the conversation going
soa #28 how to get positive things happening
soa #29 who's running your life?
soa #30 To date or not to date
soa #31 now that I'm unhooked...
soa #32 Breaking up is always painful
soa #33 Who's in control of your life?
soa #34 Decide what you want in life
soa #35 program your computer every day
soa #36 You'll grow quickly
soa #37 Who's in control of your life?
soa #38 getting your inner act in order
soa #39 Exceeding your capacity to handle
soa #40 Resentments; the big holdup
soa #41 Overcoming the fears of divorce
soa #42 There's no "good" way to divorce
soa #43 There's no right way to split
soa #44 intertwined no more
soa #45 wrap up

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